Introduction: Understanding your Business or any Business

What we are in business for

You are in business for one thing – to make money at something that you like to do.  Unfortunately, you probably are not a businessperson. Most contractors don’t even know what that means. But since this manual is all about making money, it is VITAL that you understand EVERYTHING about MONEY as it relates to YOUR COMPANY.

You must KNOW that your company MUST make money in order to pay yourself and your employees. And EVERYONE in the company must know HOW they can contribute to the financial health of the company.  When I say EVERYONE, I mean just that, down to the lowest employee. This is ONLY done by education. 

Business is a team activity. In our business, we produce a specific product that the customer buys because he wants it. As a team, you will produce that product for less and at a higher quality than the competitors.

Now, imagine two football teams walking onto the field. One consists of athletes without a playbook, who rarely practice together and who don’t even know their teammates’ names, let alone what they’re supposed to do. They don’t want to “waste” time with huddles or working out the plays, but just go out and play.

The other team has a playbook that the athletes have spent hours studying.  They have practiced so much that each play comes off with great precision. Each team member knows what the other’s job is and there is never any confusion as to who should block whom. And they have a look of complete determination that they will win. I don’t even have to pose the question of who will win this contest.

Today, the vast majority of companies are playing without playbooks! If you can field a team with all the players having decided to win and studied and drilled each play over and over, you will destroy the competition.

The playbook starts with the basics of how a company works and how it makes money, which it must do to survive. So, everyone in the company must study and drill the basic principles of business as they apply to their post until they have them cold. When this happens, and the people on the shop floor or in the field installing jobs UNDERSTAND how they influence the numbers, a communication flow from the bottom to the top starts to happen and your company will go on a rocket ride.

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